I had a squirrel coming in and out of my attic. Ryan set up some traps and we got him the next morning and Ryan came and got it and brought it to a place with many oak trees and I patched the hole he was sneaking though to the attic. Very pleased. 


I am very familiar with Ryan’s dedication to preserving and protecting honey bees. I’ve recommended him numerous times and will continue to do so. 


Ryan removed a large beehive from our roof by himself in one day. He was prompt, upfront, and professional. He will be our first call for any future pest or critter problems. 


We called Ryan after we tried 2 other companies one did not return the call the second company kept making excuses and had no intention of showing up.We call Ryan @ 1 PM and he arrived @ 3 PM within 30 minutes our problem was removed. Ryan also gave us the way to remove the smell which worked quickly. We shall always call Ryan and will tell anyone who needs this services how good he does. Keep up the great work Ryan!!!!!! 


I had two baby raccoons in my ceilings stuck between joists after being left behind by the momma. I called Ryan on a Saturday afternoon and by Sunday he was there to remove them! I could tell he genuinely cared about the job he was doing as well as humanely removing them. Thank you!! Edited: Months later after retrieving raccoons out of my attic I referred him to my grandma for a humane bee hive removal. Ryan Cook, thanks so much for taking care of my sweet grandma too! She and my father really appreciated it. 5 stars from Maw-Maw Bev! 


Ryan was so helpful and worked with a lot going on as we were having the roof replaced the day he came. I was told there were 3 baby raccoons that the roof workers had seen, but when Ryan Cook came and investigated, he found 6 babies, but no momma around. Ryan was able to catch five of them right away, He came back later that day but the little guy was unreachable then. Ryan then came back the next day and caught the last one. I will use Ryan again if we ever have any kind of animals invading our home! Thank you Ryan!! 


A momma opossum with a pouch full of babies took up residence in my art studio. Out of the 100 or so wildlife removal experts listed on the wildlife and fisheries website, I happened to pick Ryan Cook. He came out on a Sunday. The opossum had moved on but he thoroughly checked around for her. This guy is a genuinely GOOD PERSON! He humanely Removes the animals. He releases the ones he can legally release in an appropriate place for them to carry on with their little animal lives. AND his prices are reasonable. So refreshing to meet a guy like this. 


I had a squirrel issue and called another company, who gave me a ridiculous quote for removal and blocking. Gulf Coast Wildlife Removal came out the same day and took care of the issue for a VERY reasonable fee. Haven’t heard the squirrel since!