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Site Survey

We will provide a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial property to locate the entry site as well as to identify the species.

Trapping and Removal

Our team will determine how to effectively trap and remove your nuisance concern in the most efficient and humane manner possible. As soon as our traps have a critter in them, we will remove the trap and replace it with a new one.


We will determine the best method to keep all critters from reentering your property.

Attic Restoration

Gulf Coast Wildlife Removal offers attic restoration/remediation. We will thoroughly decontaminate the effected area and replace your soiled insulation.

Our Story

Our Story

Ryan Cook, the Founder & Owner of Gulf Coast Wildlife Removal, was a little boy when he started identifying and trapping species in the Greater New Orleans and North Shore areas. In his early teenage years, Ryan started working with honeybees under a local apiarist's wing. Ryan was able to take what he learned and apply it to his own beekeeping business. He removes honeybees with delicate care and relocates their hives to local farms to assist with pollination. Ryan currently has several honeybee colonies spread throughout the southern and central areas of Louisiana. Although honeybee removals are his specialty, Ryan has over two decades of experience handling and trapping furry critters. Because Ryan has an immense love and respect for animals, he always utilizes the most humane approach during his removals. Please visit our Services page for details about the specific animals we remove.
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